Working Metal Pressing NZ

Metal pressing NZ is a specialised trade necessary for a great many things most people take for granted. Fortunately, specialists such as Kimberly Tool & Design exist to take the uncertainty out of the process. Anyone who has metal pressing needs or requires such tools knows that this can be quite a challenging situation.

Kimberly Tool & Design Professional Expertise

The difference is in finding a team of professionals who have the many years of training, skill, knowledge, and experience to provide support for any project. The truth is that metal pressing NZ professionals always need to have the widest range of experience possible because of the nature of the work.

Metal pressing NZ requires the ability to take on the unknown, to conquer seemingly solutionless problems, to make very real, solid, and well-executed creations. Kimberly Tool and Design has more than 25 years of experience to its credit, with more than 50 years in the industry as a whole.

They serve all ranges of companies, from huge international companies to the mom-and-pop shop down the street. That’s part of their appeal. They are known to take on challenges successfully negotiating the situation to come to a beautiful solution.

The depth and size of the project appears to be of no consequence to KTD either. They have the right people and products along with the know-how to make any project come to life. Consider this one example that they provide. One client had required  a thickness of 4 mm stainless steel plates to be punched out. Then, they required drilling and even being countersunk. Next, they required that they would be tapped in the factory to become part of a hinge.

So, the products that KTD were being called upon to make were essentially going to be used in manufacturing. The company was proud to be able to provide such quality that they were turned to for such capabilities in the first place. They build the hinges. KTD ensured that the holes were tiny, within the proper diameter and thickness for their use.

That’s just the smaller detailed work that KTD provides. They also have the capability to do large-scale metal processing NZ. Meanwhile, the wildest part about the experience, is that most customers will comment on the very fair pricing.

They never feel gouged by the metal workers when it comes to the budget. In fact, they are so experienced as among the best metal pressing NZ company that they are often turned to for large projects. Whether it is for a one-time project or for continual manufacturing, KTD is the name that the big corporations turn to time and again.

If finding a metal press that can do any type of work has been a challenge, make it a priority to see what New Zealand’s own KTD can do. They have the experience, know-how, pricing, and the pleasant customer service to make it all happen. Do the right thing and call this company first for metal needs.