What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Riding Apparel

Whether you’re looking to buy new motorcycle riding apparel? There are a few things you need to put into consideration. For instance, what specifications should the apparel meet? What are the different materials available and what makes the materials different? How can you protect yourself against weather elements when riding? Here are some useful tips to help you when buying motorcycle riding apparel.

Guaranteed Safety

Every time you’re riding a motorcycle, you should wear protective elements such as helmets, leather suits, and knee and elbow protectors. That way, if you’re every involved in an accident, there is no part of your body that’s scratched. Remember, just because you’re dressed from head to toe with the best motorcycle riding apparel, you’re not completely safe. Don’t take more risks than necessary and always employ caution when riding.

Requirements For Each Specific Motorcycle Riding Apparel


When you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet, you need to make sure that it fits properly. If you visit Moto1, a company renowned for selling the best motorcycle riding gear, you can find all sorts of helmets. When you wear the helmet, it shouldn’t move around and your head shouldn’t be too tightly fitting inside.

The materials used to construct most motorcycle helmets are very durable and hard to break. Even better, the material often absorbs any shock or energy coming from an impact. The weight shouldn’t be too heavy to break your neck in the event of any accident. Most helmets usually come with visors that allow eye protection for any motorcycle rider. If there is no visor present, you should always bring safety goggles with you.

Riding Gloves

Besides your head, you need to keep your hands protected too when you’re riding and that’s where motorcycle riding gloves come in handy. In case of any accident, your gloves will protect your hands from any dismemberment or injuries. Don’t choose very thick gloves that don’t allow you to grasp the handlebars very well. Also, you should stay away from gloves that slide across the handlebars because they are not safe for riding.

Riding Suits

Any riding suit you choose should protect you from sliding over the motorcycle when you’re riding. Most leather suits are good enough for both cold and hot seasons. Therefore, you don’t have to boil inside when it’s too hot outside or feel cold when it gets cold. Some of the best motorcycle suits are made out of leather, with Kevlar and cordura falling in second and third positions.

Note that, during the cold weather, you should wear heavier riding suits that protect your body fully. Cold weather has more impact generated when you’re on the move and if you’re not fully covered, you will most likely suffer from pneumonia or numerous other cold related diseases. Besides full protection for your body, you should also make sure that your hands, feet, neck and head are fully covered.

Choosing the best motorcycle riding clothes is not an easy job. However with the right information, you should be able to get the right gear you can afford!